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HDI Design Team

Horst Design is committed to building a solid professional relationship with each client. We recognize the benefits of an organized approach to project development and problem solving. Listening is equally important to us as good design and its effective execution. We recognize client problems and resolve them productively. Therefore, clients recognize HDI for the smooth and efficient execution of each of our projects. Our formula for success is our systematic organization combined with technical expertise, creativity and hard work. Each client communicates directly with a principal of the firm. For each project, the principal-in-charge will assemble a primary team consisting of:


Project Manager:

Also functions as senior planner


Design Director:

Handles all aspects of visual aesthetics

Technical Director:

Assembles all data into an accurate and coordinated set of construction drawings

All primary team members will have the necessary support staff to meet the project requirements. The team works together through project completion to ensure that continuity of communications will not be compromised and that a smooth building program is achieved.
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